Marine Survey Skills

Join us on board M/V Bold Ranger with Marine Biologist, Rona McCann, for an opportunity to gain experience and develop skills in marine science while contributing to current research and national marine data archives.

Based in Tobermory on the Isle of Mull, you will be trained to collect data from the Sea of the Hebrides, which is relatively data deficient, despite being recognised as an important area for marine wildlife.

This is a perfect chance for aspiring marine biologists to gain practical field skills and build extra-curricular knowledge, helping to build a CV or Personal Statement and stand out in the competitive field of Marine Biology.

3 nights
Dates Available


We meet aboard M/V Bold Ranger at 4pm in Dunstaffnage Marina for a cruise up the Sound of Mull to Tobermory, where you will be shown to your accommodation. The evening is then yours to enjoy as you please. The following two days will involve a mixture of time ashore and at sea, exploring a selection of the following topics:

Megafauna & Seabird ID

Native marine species identification will be covered by recording sightings, looking at distinguishing features and ecology of frequently seen species including bottlenose dolphins, common dolphins, harbour porpoise, minke whales, basking sharks, white tailed eagles, fulmars, gannets, puffins, harbour and grey seals.

Marine Plankton ID

The main groups of marine plankton and their role in the marine ecosystem will be covered, as well as collection techniques and microscopy as students will be trained how to conduct and analyse plankton trawls on board Bold Ranger.

Intertidal Species

Plant and animals species found both on rocky and sandy shore intertidal ecosystems will be examined by conducting surveys to gain an understanding of tidal patterns, seaweed zonation & animal adaptations to intertidal life.

Environmental Management

The Sea of the Hebrides is a productive marine ecosystem making it rich in wildlife and a significant resource to the Scottish economy. As such, an understanding of how both wildlife and humans use the area is key to managing it. Students will visit salmon and mussel farms to gain an understanding of the importance of these industries to local communities.

Physical Oceanography & Habitat Mapping

Understanding the physical ocean environment is integral to understanding the ecology of species found living within it. Through collecting data on temperature, depth, substrate and tide speed along with our geographic location, we can create a habitat map which can then be associated with the species recorded during the field trip. Impacts of climate change will be studied using programs such as ArcGIS allowing us to access historical data, compare it with our findings and identify trends.

Professional Development in Marine Biology

CV building and the importance of scientific design will be focused on in order to produce informative reports, contribute to national databases and current marine research. Through attending this field trip, you will be directly contributing to the following on-going projects with Sea Wild Scotland:

  • Basking shark population dynamics
  • Sea of the Hebrides Habitat Map
  • Basking shark behaviour & wildlife watching codes
  • Sea of the Hebrides Marine Data Archive

On the final day we board M/V Bold Ranger at 8:30am to return to Dunstaffnage, arriving by 11am.

Shown above is a typical itinerary for this field course.
This can be subject to change, due to weather, wildlife or other considerations.


What's Included

  • Two full days introducing and developing skills in marine science
  • Accommodation in a modern, self-catered house in Tobermory for 3 nights
  • Light breakfast and lunch when aboard M/V Bold Ranger (vegetarians catered for)
  • Transfers between Dunstaffnage Marina (near Oban) and Tobermory
Not Included
  • Evening meals
  • Breakfast and lunch if not at sea
  • Travel to the meeting point at Dunstaffnage Marina (near Oban)



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